Building on ideas.

Creating spaces filled with life. Connecting people and place.

Sylvester Family Dental
New Construction / 5,300 sf

January 25, 2019

the Foundry
New Construction / 24,000 sf

January 24, 2019

Green Top Grocery Cooperative
Interior renovation / 12,000sf

January 24, 2019

Children’s Center for Dentistry
Interior renovation / 5,000 sf

January 24, 2019

the Dailey Method
Interior Renovation / 5,300 sf

January 24, 2019

Jumer Drive Office Park
New Construction / 10,000 sf

August 25, 2018

Commercial Packaging
Interior Renovation / 12,000 sf

June 25, 2018

Private Residence
New construction / 4,000 sf

January 25, 2018

Illinois Wesleyan University
Esports Arena Interior renovation / 1,000 sf

January 25, 2017

Successful projects.

At Workbench, we believe architecture is a process that grows out of the specific conditions of each client and site. The success of each project is the result of collaboration and research, problem solving and material expression.

Building is a process with great responsibility to….

  • create spaces filled with life
  • improve our community
  • protect our planet
  • use materials responsibly
  • preserve and create value


We believe that design is the collaborative process of solving problems creatively.



We believe buildings should connect people and place both spatially and socially.



We enable our clients to do their best work by doing ours.

Each project is bolstered by the underlying optimism that we are contributing to a better community through design.

We believe if you do something, do it well. Be intentional and accountable.

We’d love to talk.

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